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Learn with Slurn

Our lead developer, Matt Kent, has done an amazing job of creating an e-learning framework to help make light work of the Columbia project.  Things are dropping into place nicely and we will definitely be re-using the Slug Disco learning engine on future projects.  Of course, a good, reusable engine needs a memorable name that people will recognize and trust, something that reflects its use and purpose – just as “unity” says “our fully visual IDE has everything you need to bring your game to almost any platform”, “Slurn” says “we pushed the words ‘Slug’ and ‘Learn’ together and it sounded funny”.  Great work team!

Super Professional International Business Relations Company Project Meeting Success

Success!  Our first educational business!  On a recent trip to the Civil Engineering department of Columbia University, USA related to my studies, I was greeted with a request for proposals relating to “hybrid learning technology”.  If you really want to know more, check out Wikipedia for “Blended Learning” and “Flipped Classroom”.  Long story short – we have been commissioned to make some educational software for real cash money value, $$$.

Announcing the educational wing of Slug Disco Studios!

If we really want to develop and survive as a successful business we are going to have to take some eggs out of the EOTU basket and spread them about a little.  John and Myself have a history of educational software development and the time has come to draw upon that experience in order to keep our dream alive (that dream being of an in-game event where a battalion of fire ants rips apart a scorpion and carries it away in chunks with epic 3d splendor).  Time to sniff around the universities for e-learning projects…