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The weekly dev update has arrived!

Hello everybody! Quick dev update here.

So in the past week Liam has been sinking his teeth into the code. He has been exploring ant positioning and calculating ways to spread the ants out often to hilarious outcome. He assures me he has improved it since, but below is one of his early formation algorithms. Joy!


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The Leaf Cutter Ant

Large and intimidating for the ant world the leaf cutter cannot be ignored. This weeks focus towers above other ants. Check back tomorrow to find out what this beast does naturally which attracted us to include it in the game.


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African Driver Ant Gameplay

The African driver truly is a force to be reckoned with in Empires of the Undergrowth. Charging and pushing this ant can shift the tide of the battle through its might alone.

Option 1: Charges at the enemy line. When it hits and enemy unit, it deals area damage and knocks back enemies. Option 2: charges through the enemy line, shoving enemy ants out of the way and reshaping the front line.

Have you heard of Stomt? Well if you are interested in our development process you should take a look. We often chat about our game mechanics, and how it will all work together. Go on take a look at our Stomt page.

African Driver Ant

One of our true monsters in the game! The African Driver will make short work of its foes with the huge jaws, perfect for crushing wouldn’t you say?

Check back tomorrow to see what these miniature terrors have in store in the natural world!

One of our monsters, the African driver will make short work of enemies with its huge jaws.


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And it is off to GDC2015!

Liam has touched down in San Francisco where he is to attend this year’s Game Developers Conference. Thanks to the good people at Creative England’s Games Lab one of our developers will be lapping up the wealth of knowledge available from some of the of the top companies in the industry, and rubbing shoulders with other like minded developers. This is a great opportunity so stay tuned to Liam’s twitter (@LiamSlugDisco) to see how he is getting on and there will be a full blog post on his return.
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