Post-Kickstarter Updates!

It’s been almost two weeks since the end of the Kickstarter already and we thought it was about time for an update.

Firstly, the winners of the final stretch goal! Welcome to the game Coptotermes formosanus – Formosan termite!

Coptotermes formosanus - Formosan termite
In the end their victory was marginal!

Over the past few days we have been sorting through all of your Stomt feedback, implementing bug fixes and upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.12. We are also re-working the ant job allocation system so that ants can now ‘steal’ jobs from others, which should increase efficiency and prevent ants from wandering away from tunnel-digging jobs that they have already begun. Additionally we have been tackling issues that have caused long compile times in the code. The next big things on the list are code profiling (finding out which parts are slowing things down and need to be optimized), streamlining path-finding for ants in crowds and making demo builds for both Mac and Linux.

We can confirm that of the £18,087 pledged, £17,385 has been successfully billed, which is fantastic news. For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, backers are not billed until the project is successful so some payments inevitably fail. We have heard this can be up to 10% of the final amount so we have been very fortunate. Kickstarter will take their fee of £1,590.40, leaving us with £15,794.60 to fuel Empires of the Undergrowth. This will see our lead programmer through 9 months of development and contribute to sending us to Develop Brighton, leaving just enough leftover to buy the cheapest Mac we can find, so we can finally bring the ants to our Apple players.

If you wanted to pledge to Empires of the Undergrowth but were unable to because of issues with Kickstarter’s online payment options, or you were just late to the party, you can still help us out and pick up some of the original backer rewards via paypal. Just head to our Late Backers page:

In other news, we have now set up a subreddit for Empires at  We are not sure exactly how this will be used yet, and the posting rules are likely to evolve over time.  If you want to discuss demo tactics, ants, or even other ant/simulation games, this seems like a good place for people to gather. Note that if you have feedback on the game, especially related to the demo, we would still like you to post it on our Stomt page:  

Finally we would just like to thank again all of our backers, demo testers, youtubers and other patient fans.  You are all antastic.

Kickstarter ends at 180% Funded!

Our Kickstarter ended with a 24 hour live stream, packed full of loads of games, competitions, insect eating and more! We ended at 180% which is an incredible result! We want to thank everybody for really helping out, spreading the word and of course making pledges!

If you missed the live stream you can watch it on our twitch channel:

And if you want to see us attempt to eat giant water bugs, skip to 23h 54m. Spoiler: John does not handle it well.

It has been an incredible experience. So many have offered support and have been spreading the word about the game. We are very grateful to everyone, it means a lot to us.

Now we have a game to make! We will keep you posted about developments of the game as we move on and will soon be sending out surveys for backers to fill out so we can get rewards out when the time comes.

Onwards with development!

Great Kickstarter… so far!

We have had a great Kickstarter campaign so far, but it is not over yet! Things are about to explode!

We have a great line up planned for our final week on Kickstarter. This will include development streams, a release of a band new demo filled with updated features (and an extra level for backers), increased information coming from our social media and much more!

This will culminate in a 24 hour live stream to finish the Kickstarter. We will be playing games that have influenced us, doing time trials on the demo and inviting other developers to chat on stream. All of this whilst we are sleep deprived, what could be better?

If you want to catch up with the developers live streams we have been doing, they have all be uploaded to YouTube:

Don’t forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Stomt.

The goal is reached! And nearly the stretch goal!

We reached out Kickstarter goal in just under a week! Amazing!

This update expresses our joy at the time:

And we are really close to reaching our first stretch goal! It is a battle between the Dracula Ant and the Bullet Ant for social media interaction, which will win?

Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign and made it a success, let see if we can get further!

68% reached!

Where to begin!

We had an explosion of interest in the project yesterday on Kickstarter. Cutting to the chase we are now 68% funded and rising, that is a jump from 45% yesterday morning. I still can barely believe it!

Additionally Kickstarter have featured us at the top of games which will have continued to push us on! The momentum the campaign has is amazing.

Many backers will have found us from an Imgur post we made about the game. We were not expecting it to do as well as it did, take a look for yourself:

Thanks so much to everyone checking the project out, sharing it and of course backing it. This has been pretty overwhelming we are so grateful to each and every one.

I will be streaming some game development later today on our Twitch channel at midday (GMT). I will be editing a level so I would be very happy to show you the process and how our systems work in the demo build and I will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Additionally a few people have asked about a couple of the rewards. We have come up with a basic mock-up of of the posters and also have an image of the toy larva prototype. I will add these to the campaign page but take a look here:

Thanks once again and let’s keep this momentum going! We can do this!

The Slug Disco Team

Kickstarter Ramp Up

We are currently in the process of ramping up to the release of our Kickstarter on April 26th. Along with releasing the demo we have created new screenshots, updated the press kit, taken the game to shows and much more. When the Kickstarter launches we will have a brand new video showcasing many aspects of the game!

Empires of the Undergrowth

In the count down we have produced some banners for our social media pages here are a few:




Look out for us on Kickstarter on the 26th April and in the meantime, see if you can beat the demo:

Empires of the Undergrowth - Underground Test

Demo has arrived!

On our IndieDB page we have made the Underground test demo available. It is only a short snapshot of the game and is missing many of the planned features, but you should get an idea of how the underground will play.

Go get it here:

Empires of the Undergrowth - Underground Test

Underground Demo

Demo is coming

Ok I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we are still working on the demo. We have been hit with a couple of issues that have arisen from building a stand alone version of the game, but most the kinks have been ironed out now.

Next I wanted to say maybe calling it a demo is misleading, it is a test more than anything showing a small section of the game.

The test consists of an underground area of the game. You are able to tunnel out and construct a nest, as well as encounter an underground enemy – the Devils Coach Horse larva.

OK I am going to get back to it. Speak to you later if all goes well.


EGX Rezzed roundup

Last week we took Empires of the Undergrowth to EGX Rezzed and let the public see the game for the first time. We got a fantastic response from those we spoke and showed the game to and they could see the real potential in the project.

John, Hannah and Matt at EGX Rezzed

The demo we were showing was from the underground section of the game where you construct your nest. There was no real objective but people could get a feel for how the underground section would work.

We are aiming to get this demo out to the general public later this week, but for now here is a video showing the demo:

We need real feedback on the games systems and what people feel we are doing right and wrong. We will let you know when it is ready for you to take a look.

We also met some fantastic other developers. On our bench with us we had:

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