November 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to our November 2020 newsletter! The past few months have seen quite a few things happen, both for Empires of the Undergrowth and for us, Slug Disco, as a company. Very importantly, we are taking our first steps into expanding a little, and we’ve brought Dan on board as our Marketing Content Creator. We’ll have a little from Dan later on as he introduces himself to you all.

The modular formicariums from Steam user roobyRoss
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July – August 2020 Newsletter

The last couple of months have been focused on some complicated systems for the fire ants as well as some large changes to freeplay, which are currently in an optional beta for Steam Windows users (details below). Whilst complex from a game design point of view, the extensions to the movement systems needed for the fire ants is getting there. We’re close to having the fire ant bridge building system the way we like it!

Uber vs Uber in this colourful shot from Steam user Kist7ck
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May/ June 2020 Newsletter

During the last few weeks we’ve been able to really crack on with the fire ant update. After the long and arduous process that was re-designing the game’s movement code from the ground up, we’re really glad to be concentrated nearly solely on our Solenopsis invicta ants and all the accompanying flora and fauna that will bring them to life. As is always the case when we add a new formicarium tier to the game, there are several new systems that have to be designed and those are also in the works.

Taking down an uber Spiny Devil from Steam user BrickyGraph631
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March / April 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to our March / April 2020 newsletter! First of all, I’ll address the corona-elephant in the room and hope that you and your families are staying safe during the lockdown. Let’s all remember to be kind to everyone, especially to ourselves, during this pandemic. Let’s hope things return to normal in a safe and steady manner. Play some video games, read a book, keep in touch with your loved ones, stay indoors when you can. Now, on to slightly more cheerful matters – including a new game that is joining Ecosystem as a Slug Disco publishing project – Beetle Uprising!

Uber wolf spider from Steam user fetisov.a
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Jan / Feb 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to 2020! We’ve been running an optional beta on Steam since late December which mainly introduces a reworked freeplay mode, and more recently adds the challenge mode for the third tier formicarium levels. Since that time we’ve been working through the veritable mountain of issues and other feedback with it, and we’re now in the home stretch for bringing this out of beta and to the main branch for everyone to play. There’s still time to join the beta if you haven’t already – see the instructions near the top of this link if you’d like to join in.

Leafcutters on the march from Limey21
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November 2019 Newsletter

And so, winter came. And with it, the season of darkness and cold but also the season of goodwill and cheer. A little bit of a shorter newsletter this month, as we are still (I know, I know) working through the last of the movement code changes. Keep an eye open for the beta announcement – before putting it onto the main branch, we will run an optional beta for all Steam Windows players to help us pin down the last of the issues.

Night-time jungle from returning contributor MorPacke
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October 2019 Newsletter

Autumn (or fall if you’re that way inclined) has well and truly began to take a hold in our part of the world. The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and there is some fun stuff being worked on for Empires of the Undergrowth. Or boring technical stuff, depending on your point of view. Either way, we shall detail it here for your perusal!

Night crab hunting from Steam user Bald Hippo z
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August – September 2019 Newsletter

With the summer coming to a close we thought we’d publish another newsletter for you guys. This time we’ll be talking about a few extra systems we’ve been working on (such as achievements) as well as talking about us as a company taking the intrepid steps into working with some other indie developers. So, we’ll be introducing Tom and his game Ecosystem a bit further down!

A dramatic shot of leafcutters battling wood ants in freeplay from Steam user hugo27rex
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July-August 2019 Newsletter

We are now deep into our open-engine surgery of the game which will streamline and reduce computational overheads allowing for bigger armies, faster frame rates and smarter enemies. We detailed this a fair bit in the previous newsletter. Whilst this is happening we’ve also been working on a new, hopefully regular feature that will be debuting along with the next large update – extra missions!

An ereptor colony takes on a wolf spider from appropriately-named Steam user wolf
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June 2019 Newsletter

To start with, a small distraction from the main event – Steam have recently held a summer promotion whereby leaving reviews gains you points. The recent reviews have been pushed into “overwhelmingly positive” territory – and we recognise that’s directly down to you guys. Thank you so much! Now, on to the actual content of the newsletter!

Leafcutters doing their thing in this widescreen shot from Steam user Himmuguegeli
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