I took some time today to add a few screen shots to the game website. I shall go over them and explain what they are. They are on the main game website at http://www.eotugame.com but also here.

First is a nursery with the queen in the background. The worker is carrying an egg from the queen into the nursery where it will hatch into a black ant in this case. Blank ants are a fairly weak ant in our game but they can be produced in large numbers cheaply.

Worker brings an egg to a black ant nursery,

Second is a gameplay shot with the user interface visible. Here we can see leaf cutter, driver, black and trap jaw ants. In the games campaign you will be able to form a colony with multiple species of ant each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Underground colony showing the user interface.

Third is the beach tile set. This is on the surface and two colonies have locked horns with one another. We have paid careful attention to detail with the way the ants move and spread out which gives them a real insect-like feel.

Two colonies clash on a beach.

Finally there is a shot from the jungle tile set a bit more up close to the action. The green colony has come with some leaf cutter ants. These large imposing ants taunt nearby ants into attacking them. The red colony has driver ants with them. They are a nomadic species of ant not to be trifled with. Their powerful jaws deal damage in an area of effect.

Two colonies clash in the jungle.