Last week we took Empires of the Undergrowth to EGX Rezzed and let the public see the game for the first time. We got a fantastic response from those we spoke and showed the game to and they could see the real potential in the project.

John, Hannah and Matt at EGX Rezzed

The demo we were showing was from the underground section of the game where you construct your nest. There was no real objective but people could get a feel for how the underground section would work.

We are aiming to get this demo out to the general public later this week, but for now here is a video showing the demo:

We need real feedback on the games systems and what people feel we are doing right and wrong. We will let you know when it is ready for you to take a look.

We also met some fantastic other developers. On our bench with us we had:

Genkan making Perpetual Night
Explore an unbelievable world, squeezed into the bizarre interior of a seemingly endless Castle. A 2D dark comedy puzzle-platformer.



Outsider games make Wailing Heights
A body hopping musical adventure!



Camel 101 making Syndrome
You wake up dazed and confused, probably from the effects of cryosleep. No one can be seen around, but you soon start to find the bodies of your crewmen. The ship is adrift, and whoever – or whatever – killed your crewmates is probably still around.


Also there was another name that stuck out:

Ant Workshop making Binaries
Test your reflexes and awareness as you simultaneously guide two lovable balls through 101 brightly coloured challenges in the world’s first concentration platform game


We met many other great studios, streamers and all manner of other people. We will be talking more about them in the near future.

Also you may have noticed, we are to make a return to Kickstarter on April 26th, more on that soon.