Crystal Rift played with a VR headset.

Crystal Rift played with a VR headset.

We had a great time at EGX. We got to speak to a load of other indie developers and had a go at their titles. I particularly enjoyed having a go on EITR and getting completely destroyed by the boss on the demo level. I am a massive fan of both the souls series and Diablo so this little indie game was right up my alley.

I also tried out Crystal Rift with a VR headset. It is great fun and I cannot wait till the day I can pick up a VR headset of my own.

We had the opportunity to chat to different publishers and we learned a few things by going to a series of workshops. Needless to say the future looks bright generally.

We would love to show off our own game and indeed next year we plan on doing just that at some of these conventions. When we know for sure that this is the case and which ones we will let people know.

We have heard from some people that they would like some videos of the game. We haven’t pinned down all our game mechanics yet, nor implemented all unit abilities let alone programmed the campaign; however we still do have a lot to show people. In the run up to EGX we created a video, an initial teaser if you will. The video needs some updating (yes things have changed even in the past week) however we would like to make it available so more people can understand and get behind the project. When it is up we will make a load of noise about it here and on social media. In the mean time I have put a few short clips on vine and Twitter: