I have been working on added some stuff to the eotugame.com site. It is not up yet but tomorrow there will be an additional unit and a Gameplay section. This section will give people an idea about how the game will play.

We have also added a load of animated gifs to imgur. Check out the album here:

6 - Jko7wYt


ALSO we have a page in IndieDB. Probably nothing you have not heard before but you may want to take a look none the less.


I am going to lose track of all these pages we have everywhere!

ALSO we have news articles written about us:



It is really exciting that so may people appear to want this game as much as we do. We have received a lot of really nice comments and we are thankful for them all. We have put a lot of work into this game but this really makes it feel worth it. Onwards!