Our Kickstarter ended with a 24 hour live stream, packed full of loads of games, competitions, insect eating and more! We ended at 180% which is an incredible result! We want to thank everybody for really helping out, spreading the word and of course making pledges!

If you missed the live stream you can watch it on our twitch channel:


And if you want to see us attempt to eat giant water bugs, skip to 23h 54m. Spoiler: John does not handle it well.

It has been an incredible experience. So many have offered support and have been spreading the word about the game. We are very grateful to everyone, it means a lot to us.

Now we have a game to make! We will keep you posted about developments of the game as we move on and will soon be sending out surveys for backers to fill out so we can get rewards out when the time comes.

Onwards with development!