Hope those English amongst us had a good bank holiday, I know we did. Just a brief one to let you know how it is going.

So Matt is done with the level editor and is now making the save / load function work like a charm. This week will see these all brought together so he is making sure everything is in tip top shape before we try and merge the project together. That is going to be a big job but afterwards we should be full steam ahead on the level creation!

Liam had his birthday the other day, and as far as I am aware he spent the day working on the game, great! He continues down the path of getting the ant spread nice and improving the combat in the game. Again this week we plan on merging this work into the main project as well.

Finally John has finished implementing the abilities of all the basic ants in the game, and is now going back over them looking at unit upgrades. We wanted all upgrades to be exciting so implementing them is not as simple as adding a couple of points to health. The basics of this system are in place now so it just needs some individual unit attention.

Keep an eye out for our unit updates. I shall be adding the fire ants facts today, mechanics tomorrow then we will move on to our next ant.

Until next time!