Oh and look it is #screenshotsaturday again, so have a screen shot. This is a Wood Ant Nursery.


An update for you people. Read on…

After a brief respite to get his PhD corrections done Matthew is back on task. Currently he is going over some systems and making some pretty heavy changes to the engine. This back end sort of work will not look like much however is necessary. It will for example allow our bull ant to be able to pick up another ant and crush it in its jaws! See does not sound so boring now does it?

I have been continuing working on the individual unit abilities and implementing upgrades. When I am though there will be thousands of stats to tweak in the game so this is going to be on ongoing process and as more features are implemented so will more tweaking need to be done. One day we may enlist community help for this.

Additionally I have been working with Liam to work out our next steps as regards our Kickstarter. This is going to be an important milestone for the game so we want to get it right. We have planned a Kickstarter run up which will include a lot of new media being released including several short videos of the game. These should start cropping up in the next couple of weeks. No word yet on when we plan to start the Kickstarter but you will know when we know, you know?