Free pre-alpha demo available now on Steam and Itch.

Publisher Slug Disco Studios and solo developer Paul Hervé are pleased to debut the announcement trailer for Adapt, scored by Louie Taylor, alongside the game’s key art, illustrated beautifully by São Paulo based artist Júlia d’Oliveira.

Adapt Announce Trailer

Adapt Press Kit: https://slugdisco.com/press/sheet.php?p=adapt

Developed independently by Berlin-based Hervé, Adapt is a survival evolution game designed to simulate the constantly changing environments life must navigate to thrive.

To succeed, your species will need to find food using a multitude of dietary strategies, seek out habitable environments, and react to changing seasons, and global climate. Your competitors will evolve alongside you, vying for food and territory to ensure their own survival. The real question is not if you can survive, but for how long.

There is a free demo available to play now.

Community Coverage:

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Key Features Of Adapt:

  • Species’ customization through modification of genetics and physical traits to determine your evolutionary strategy.
  • Numerous adaptations allow for diverse play-styles and physical characteristics.
  • Plant life exhibits seasonal behaviours and growth, producing seeds and fruit, losing leaves, and acting as home for edible insects.
  • Complex species AI behaviours including hunting for food, seeking mates, tracking, and hiding from predators.
  • Attempt to survive virtually anywhere, from the tops of mountains, to the bottom of the seas.
  • Species specialisation through special abilities such as varied dietary and locomotive strategies, shells, poison, and climbing.
  • Hunt or be hunted: Predators will stalk, chase, and track potential prey for an ambush, and even cooperate for an easy meal.
  • Visual, audio, and scent queues, to keep tabs on potential friends, threats, and food.
  • Dynamic day/night, and seasonal cycles create a living, and constantly changing world.
  • Multiple reproductive strategies provide diverse species relationships and unique experiences.
Adapt Key Art Illustration

Paul Hervé, Developer said:

“Working with Slug Disco has been really fantastic; and so rewarding to see all of the amazing feedback and excitement people have for the game as it gains visibility. I really couldn’t ask for more from collaborators. I’m elated with how the new trailer has turned out, and with the amazing audio work from Louie Taylor on the score. I was instantly super impressed by Júlia’s cover art. I’m truly amazed at how effortlessly she transitioned her wonderful paleo-art style into the more colorful, whimsical art style of Adapt.”

Liam Comerford, Director, Slug Disco Studios said:

“After trying out Adapt for the first time, seeing the depth of its creature editor, alongside a stunningly colourful world full of unique creations interacting with one another, we knew Paul had something special, and that we wanted to be part of it. Our job is now to get the word out and let as many players know about Adapt as possible, and it’s much more fun to do that with a project where we can confidently say “I wish we’d made that”. We’re really excited to see how the game develops, and what the community makes of it (and creates in it)!”

Adapt is the third game to join the Slug Disco Studios collection, following on from 2020’s Beetle Uprising and 2021’s Ecosystem. Slug Disco Studios are also the developers of Empires of the Undergrowth, an ant colony management game in a fast-paced RTS style.

Empires of the Undergrowth is due to receive it’s next major update this year, which will see Fire Ants added to the game, alongside new mechanics such as the Titan Climbing System, which allows your ants to mount certain foes.

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Adapt Press Kit: https://slugdisco.com/press/sheet.php?p=adapt 

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