Hi ant fans! We’re increasingly hearing complaints that we’re not being communicative enough. We do our best – but we’re new to this, so we’re always learning. This isn’t going to be a full newsletter (that will likely come next week) but just a bit of a round-up of what we’re up to currently.

We’ve heard a lot of people fearing that the project is abandoned or in trouble due to a lack of updates – far from it! In fact that the game has been successful enough on Steam that all 3 of our developers have been able to quit their day jobs and will soon (but not yet) be working full time on the game! Given the small size of the team we prefer to release larger, more complete updates rather than lots of smaller ones. Every time we update development is slowed for the testing and compiling processes – so you can see why this is our preferred model.

All 3 of our developers will, from April, be working full-time on the project. Naturally the pace of work will speed up then, but please be aware that 2 of the 3 are still working their day jobs up until then. So please welcome John and Liam, the newest full-time Slug Disco employees!

Thanks to Exquisite Bolagnese for this screenshot!

We’d hoped to get Freeplay mode out to you in February, but that is unlikely now and it’s looking more like March. These things happen all the time in game development (as I’m sure you’re aware – even the really big developers have trouble pinning down release dates for features) and although it’s frustrating we’re not going to give you something we feel isn’t fun and worth playing.

We are doing some new stuff for Freeplay – check out this poppy head model! This is one of several “landmarks” that can appear in a Freeplay map – the landmarks will take random forms on loading. The poppy heads will drop seeds for your ants, giving you a regular food supply – but free food won’t go unnoticed.

We’ve recently finalized our plans for the third formicarium tier – which will feature leaf cutter ants (Atta cephalotes). The mechanics they’ll use to harvest leaves for food will be integrated closely with the different castes that exist in their society – which includes really huge Major ants, as well as Medium and Minor castes. We’re excited to be adding some more complexity to the game mechanics in the levels going forward.

And finally, we’re working on the challenge mode for 2.1 and 2.2. “Ant” and “lion” should rarely be uttered in the same sentence, let alone the same word!