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July – August 2020 Newsletter

The last couple of months have been focused on some complicated systems for the fire ants as well as some large changes to freeplay, which are currently in an optional beta for Steam Windows users (details below). Whilst complex from a game design point of view, the extensions to the movement systems needed for the fire ants is getting there. We’re close to having the fire ant bridge building system the way we like it!

Uber vs Uber in this colourful shot from Steam user Kist7ck
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Jan / Feb 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to 2020! We’ve been running an optional beta on Steam since late December which mainly introduces a reworked freeplay mode, and more recently adds the challenge mode for the third tier formicarium levels. Since that time we’ve been working through the veritable mountain of issues and other feedback with it, and we’re now in the home stretch for bringing this out of beta and to the main branch for everyone to play. There’s still time to join the beta if you haven’t already – see the instructions near the top of this link if you’d like to join in.

Leafcutters on the march from Limey21
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